Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat is unlike any other, filled with intricate details to make the experience memorable. Filled with activities focused on wellness tourism and offbeat locations, Project Expressions hopes to start a new travel culture.

If you are someone who wants to join us in this experience Or someone who want to redefine their property, this is for you.

Our Story

Imagine 3 dots, individually they represent their own world, defining what makes them who they are. But when placed together, they can connect to form the strongest geometric shape known to humankind.

Our own individual discovery of our meaning of life has added three abstract personalities together to create something that binds them together with one purpose. Let’s just say the boldest expression of the 3 dots is Project Expressions. Curating opportunities to tell stories while listening to more and creating another is the soul of this bold purpose. 

When you look for the USP of Project Expressions, it’s these 3 dots that are just the right recipe for an everlasting experience of your self-expression. But, if you really look closely, these 3 dots are just 3 monkeys just minding their monkey business, adding their narration to the Grand Story, by including your expression in its chapters.

Discover Our Stories

While we meet people, curate workshops and execute creative breaks, we experience different stories that are worth reminiscing! Join us to read and maybe someday soon be a part of it!

Expressing With Us

Our team of 3 Monkeys invite you to Experience Expressions in it’s truest form. Let a Minimalist Designer trace the aesthetics of emotions, while a Life Coach adds the essence of direction & a Conceptual Writer narrating through the journeys of experiences, while they happen. Together, let the Monkeys curate the experiences that are the truest form of your Expressions.


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Dive Into The World Of Creative Wellness

The Wellness Industry has been picking up pace in the last decade. Traditionally yoga, healthy eating, personal care and beauty, nutrition and weight-loss, meditation, spa retreats, workplace wellness and wellness…


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