Slow Life And Business

Slow Living

Business is often looked at as a daring adventure to be dived in with a lot more to give than to take. It is often visualised as the adrenaline booster, driving the hustle culture with sacrifices of most things in life. Including health, sleep, friends and family. It glorifies not having a life, in fact, that is true for most work-life culture in this era. The idea of a career started imbibing in us with eventual availability of education and associating it with a better future. With changing economic times and the speed at which technology evolved faster than the adaptability of humans to a newer world, started creating a gap that replaced an entire definition of life. The outlook on life, well was often confined to the assessment mail on Outlook. The time where we love self-expression the most, we tend to have lost the self and have drowned into the influential culture of picked up expressions.

Slow Life, on the other hand, is something that you’ll come across these silent corners of overlooked people and lives that are perfectly lived in simple bliss. Often while searching for the philosophy of life and even business, we either look up to a fatherly figure walking the heaven or the monk under a grand tree or some man with shiny suits and records of achievement. But the answers that we truly are looking for are hidden in the plain sight. Today, try and stop, breathe slow, observe the birds, the potter in the corner of the street and the old couple with their vintage cafe. In everyday rush are these missed stories that narrate the simpler answers to life. And as 2020 fades, now, is the time to restart the right way. So as to when the world picks up its unfathomable pace again, you just know where to be.

In any and every aspect of life having your priorities set solves 80% of the drill. Even for life and business, when it comes to choices, instead of weighing the pros and cons, defining the priority first gives the true direction needed. For example, when there is a trendsetter idea that can make your business viral, you chose to focus on improving the existing product and catering better service. As you may know, wise men said there’s no right or wrong answer in business, well nor is there to life. 

Project Expressions, for example, was a creation of three slow lifers. Just the opposite of hustle culture, if you see. The kind of people who take their time to create, feel the need to add meaning however small, people don’t strive on deadlines and believe a little more in connections than turnovers. Just like the potter, we would spend months to mould and remould an idea, without thinking of “the right time” or handling social media like the old couple where the focus is more on creating a space that speaks than the kind that is lost in schedules and fancy shenanigans. 

Exploring The Mind

When we work for Project Expressions, we think of ourselves as an artist that gave time to its art, than the one who created one every day to match the algorithm of an app. Again there is no right or wrong way of doing things in life and business. It is all about knowing what truly matters to you. While entering in any business or building one from the scratch, one is told that build it for the people. But a brand that will not stay true the one who’s moulding it may find many loopholes in future. Personal principle values and morals often play a subtle guiding role in how far one can take any business. Thereby, knowing thy self comes far prior than knowing who your business is for. While this may be my third try in building something from the scratch, its very different than the last two for the only factor that I considered carefully what personalities are defining PE as it gets built. To my surprise, within the first year of executing the same our USP wasn’t the ideation of countless offbeat experiences, storytelling or workshops; but the people of the team itself. 

Being on both hustle culture and the rush of life, to learning and imbibing the art of slow living into every day came with a lot of unlearning. It came with a sense of guide and a need to share it more to people or more like reminding them where the idea of life itself came from. While executing into business, it came with a sense of satisfaction of building a business and not anxiety of running a business. Results do come slow, and they definitely are worthwhile. It is all about what you choose over? It is all about your priorities. 

All in all, when it comes to art, you need overthinking, complexities and grand ideas, but life, is extremely, naively, simple. You need ‘simple’ to do life, and for me and the team PE, it comes with slow living. 

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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