The Meaning

Whether we believe we’re done or whether we believe we want to fight, it determines what the next steps will look like. 

Whatever happened in your past isn’t a cage for you to live in. You do not exist in that moment anymore. You’re here, you exist now. You’re a survivor, a Victor. 

We derive meaning from our past. If in our past we were victims then we will move forward as victims. We tend to focus on the few negatives from the past more than the many positives from the same past. Our minds do this which is a part of Cognitive Distortion. 

The meaning that we assign to our past determines how meaningful our future purpose would be. You can navigate your way through situations life throws at you and live to tell the tale. You can’t control what happens to you but you can surely control what actions you take. 

I used to play the victim card years ago. It made me stay in a negative zone. Cranky & complaining. When I ran out of things to complain about from my past I started finding faults in other places, till a few years ago when I had a sudden urge to stop this cycle of complaining and cry and look at my past as a series of experiences designed to teach me a lesson. I move forward today because I do not see my life from a victim standpoint. I am here, I am a warrior, I am a Victor. 

Change your perception of the past and Take charge of your present day.

Our perception influences our behaviour.

Perception is just the way we see things and not necessarily the way things are. 

Our focus is what we’re looking at. Our perception is where we’re looking from. We sometimes end up making mistakes or end up heading down the wrong path while being unaware of the fact that our perception was not accurate. 

Some perceive the world to be a bad place to live in so they wake up everyday finding what they can show outrage about.

Some perceive the world to be a beautiful place so they find ways to spread more positivity. 

Some perceive the work of others to be flawed and try to bring them down whilst not being productive themselves.

Some perceive the work of others to be something worth sharing to the world and do so without hesitation. 

A considerable part of our behavior is an outcome of our perception of the world around us.

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