Time for Workcations & Staycations

We always strived to maintain a balance between our work life and our personal life. However, with the onset of Covid Pandemic in the year 2020 where some people lost their job some were stuck at home and continuing with their work from home. Initially working from home seemed to have its own perks. It reduced the travel cost, physical stress caused due to travel to work in metropolitan cities and even time consumed in the daily commute. This in turn increased the productivity of the employees. But with time, the most human need of traveling to beautiful places and taking a break from your regular scene erupted.

With this newly felt urge to travel emerged two new concepts of travel in the tourism industry of workcation and staycation. A couple of days back when I was discussing with my friend about workcation, he seemed really interested and confused with this concept. For us vacation was a break from our daily lives with a change in scenery and location and no worries from boss and work. Then what is exactly workcation?

Work, Work, Work, Hit Refresh!

Workcation can be all that vacation is plus more since you can even carry your work to this place and go on during the day clicking and clacking at your laptop without actually taking a leave from office. One of the greatest benefits of this is you actually get to travel without the hassle of applying for leaves or worrying about managing your leaves if you are planning a long vacation.

Soak your feet in cool sand while you wait for meeting to end

Typically, workcation works better if you choose a location which is close to your home. You can also travel to a farther location where you won’t be leaving your hotel or apartment for sightseeing. This way you get to dedicate your daytime for your work and in the evenings you can chill, go out for walks, have dinner in beautiful cafes or restaurants or even visit your relatives if they reside close to you. Also workcation does not necessarily mean locking yourself up in your room and working during the daytime, you can also choose a beautiful local cafe or a serene shack by the beach. The only prerequisites for an ideal workcation is a good view, excellent wifi for your work needs and you are all set to take your much needed break. Just make sure you have taken your boss’s permission too before planning your workcation.

Why stay at home when staycations are here

On the other hand, staycations are just a pure complete break from your work and day to day life. Just look up online and find your ideal apartment, homestay or hotel and just head out with your family and loved ones. Similar to workcations, people willing to take a staycation want to just relax and have a change of scenery with their friends or family with minimal or no sightseeing. Offbeat destinations with beautiful views are an ideal staycation destination to hang up your worries and stretch on a beach bed or an armchair with your favorite book or people.

These new types of travel and accommodations grew popular due to the safety that it assured with clean venues and lesser crowd for better social distancing amidst the pandemic. Being a Mumbaikar, some places that I would like to recommend to people who would be interested in similar kinds of vacations are Alibag, Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar, Karjat and many more. Just get in your car, look up for an ideal homestay with a beautiful view or a luxurious hotel with an infinity pool and you are set for your best workcation or staycation. Hurry up! What are you waiting for?

4 thoughts on “Time for Workcations & Staycations

  1. Staycations are really essential now that we are always wired and working from home. Personally we took one recently, getting out and about in nature really helped shake off the burnout feeling.


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