An Ultimate FAQ of Project Expressions

A few days back I hosted a Q&A session on our Instagram page and we got a beautiful response from people. It was my first live session and the struggle was real for a camera shy person like me, the end moment goof ups were of no help. Regardless, the live session went really well and the content spoken was well appreciated. I wanted to make sure I share the same somehow so I compiled top questions and brought this piece for you. Here I will speak from the basics of PE – Project Expressions to direct questions about workshops or events.

I will start with a formal down to basics intro!

Project Expressions is an idea baby of 3! We are based on wellness and tourism where we focus on them individually based on experiences. We specialize in Workshops, retreats & let’s say storytelling! We are based out of Mumbai & retreat properties in Alibaug. We are official Experience hosts of Airbnb for our city! We love to work along with exceptional cafes because we love cafe culture and it is a huge part of our experiences & workshops. You will find all kinds of themes with us, right from writing to art to photography, after all, what is an expression if not everything!

We got interview sounding questions to believe it or not! And well I really like giving interviews so believe it or not it just worked out super fine. So I will start with some easy ones.

  1. How did we start?

Like the usual! 2 best-friends ideating in the backyard and calling the third excited to start something new! We were really looking forward to building something on our individual personalities that would be able to embrace people who need to believe in Expressions. First year we went wild in experimenting in many ways we could find “Expressions” in. Second year, which was supposed to be 2020 well, was the year of proper getting into business. Let’s just say 2020 had different plans, we’re looking forward to 2021! Meanwhile 2020 was heavy backend work! We coming back with a bang y’all!

  1. When are you hosting Alibaug Retreat again?

Pretty soon and it will be huge and more exciting than ever! Something is brewing!

  1. What is PE’s philosophy?

Slow Life, Slow Travel, Experiences & Expressions! We all are strong followers of slow life, hence you don’t see rushing into trends, social media analytics and rigid business ways. Although that sounds absurd for a business, we make it possible. We’re serious about our ideas, it is like pottery, we take our time to mould it real well. Our individual marks coming together to create something meaningful is the top priority.

Check out our blog about slow life and business to truly understand how they work together

  1. Where do you see PE in 5 years? What is the most ideal scenario?

Damn! When did we see ourselves in 2020? But to answer that in, like you said, ideal scenario, we would be a safe haven for even more and more people and hopefully make people fall in love with Slow life, Slow travel and EXPRESSIONS! It is literally the need of the hour. That is how we imagine the future, and 2020 was a proof big time that we’re on the right track! We really hope to reach more and more people and revolutionize and slow down the race for them into a real bliss. The interesting business plan right? But really our success depends solely on EXPERIENCES of People than financial charts!

  1. What’s the team like? Also are you hiring?

Well how often do you see a writer, life coach and an architect coming together to build one idea, one product one Expression? We all three are high on life, each one in its own ways, philosophically, existentially and practically, and that builds the meaning behind every idea we create. The writer i.e is me is dreamy af, I will talk unicorns and rainbows, then comes the life coach who will streamline it and add make into possibility we call him the executioner and then the architect who is down to details with intricacies of idea! And… drum roll please we have just newly joined Strategist & R&D hooman. 

About hiring, we’ll update soon on the same. Freelancers who have the same philosophies as us do interest us in our workshops and retreats. Will be keeping you updated if we have requirements.

  1. What does your logo mean?

Three monkeys! Tilt it and you’ll see 3 people coming together forming an E. What more to say about the idea of PE. We bought our USP into the logo, Us. Check out our About Us page to know more.

  1. Are you guys open for collaborations?

Yes we are, send us your ideas on mail or DM us and we’ll take it forward from there.

  1. What goes behind the scenes of creating retreats, workshops and city walks?

A looottt of research, personalized experiences and hands-on activities. For example, for Alibaug, we curate beach painting, we have a treasure hunt, game nights, experiencing local cuisine. For workshops, we select themes and activities that are insightful for the participants, for city walks we meet countless people and café owners who are part of this city culture for generations. Oh and, something PE is especially known for apart from storytelling is the Handmade giveaways, they’re special memory portals for people to remember the experience for years to come. 

  1. Any special memory?

Too many. But especially meeting people from every corner of the world to reintroducing our city to our locals, to having however small, but a positive impact on people. Can’t choose one. ONE YEAR was a wild ride! And a successful one!

This FAQ is just a run through, I hope you find all our answers and pieces of hearts on this website. We truly built each aspect of it and entirely of PE with a lot of love. Hence when we touch people’s lives it is the single most successful story we strive for.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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