What’s The World Like For A Writer

Well before we dive into the world of a writer, I have a little disclaimer. Unlike traditional writers who are devoted to the art and follower of the words, I fall in a completely different category. My content and inspiration mostly comes from real experiences, stories, days of contemplation and studying people. Rarely will you find me reading books of beloved writers and enjoying their style and perspectives. The world for most writers is the cradle of inspiration, similarly yet differently, the world itself is my content and the study. Life, thereby, becomes a little more interesting! 

Imagine addressing life with genres, studying people like they too live in a particular genre of their life. People living stories of thrill, suspense, tragedy, romantic, fantasy, drama or even comedy! Possibilities are endless and trust me I have learnt, we as humans easily empathise and connect to the other humans once we know their stories. Stories, therefore are really impactful. Reading them in the pauses between the breaths of the people living it and witnessing the years of emotions in the eyes is more magical for me than reading books. A writer is always listening, closely than anyone would ever listen to you. Maybe an empath like myself will feel a lot of those emotions with you too. Even the thought of it is so beautiful. I truly believe if we could just by the touch of the other know the pain exactly the way the other feels, we would solve a lot of the world issues quite easily. 

Talking about time, I have come to observe writers are people with the love of genuinely resonating with life’s pace. Slow and yet serene, like a calm river. Just like in the narratives, we can slow down, skip, relive, remember time the way we would want to unaffected by the laws of physics. Story was born before Science – can be a paradox just like chicken came first or the egg. For me, time is a beautiful thing to play with. The fact that it is not under my control makes me want to at least change the narrative when I experience it. Hence, writers when in love can cherish every moment down to detail, like a downloaded movie. Same with the scars, if writers have one, they have evaluated it from all narratives possible and many times feel the pain for longer than they should. 

The world is full of unspoken, unnoticed vibrant stories. Millions of them breathing one while living in a grander one. If a writer follows particular genres like me, the world gets painted in them. I love human philosophy. The world & people turn into the sacred verses of ancient knowledge that I get to learn from. Experiencing the world in genres is not entirely under the control of the writer, at any time, the Universe takes the charge and adds a layer to the story that no one would see coming. 

I believe by now, you would have related to so much mentioned here, even though you would possibly struggle to write a paragraph. Well, I am a writer who prefers to study than reading, watch visual stories than scripts, who didn’t choose to be a writer but writing was a gift born with, all writers, come with unique moulds that define their masterpiece. And just like that, I believe, each one of us is a writer. A writer who doesn’t need fancy jargons and mindblowing plots. Every choice you make you rewrite the story, YOUR story, of how it would have turned out in million other ways. As humans, we were blessed with this one special superpower, so everything you read above is something we all could do.

You are co-writing the story with the Universe itself, make it worthwhile, and who knows, you just might be the next inspiration of an epic story and a timeless book.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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