Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour

Pandemic Travel

Tourism is opening doors slowly after being one of the worst-hit industry because of the pandemic. Yet the trend observed since the New Years in terms of travellers is both comforting and highly concerning. Comfort in the aspect of the travellers having a will to travel again shows hopes for a steady recovery for the industry. Domestic travel is picking up its pace in India. It was something the Indian tourism industry was looking to establish for a couple of years. Along with Domestic Travel, another aspect that was pushed forth not only in India but Globally was Responsible & Sustainable Tourism. With the pandemic hit, this push has become the absolute urgency.

Nowadays I have been observing the travel trends of people around me. The age group of 18-45 are finding comforts in trekking, while some are flying to Himachal Pradesh, some in Rajasthan and others in Goa. While the list of such places can be long, the concern in all of these places is the same. The desperate travellers and travel industry awaiting to push the gear of the travel lust, are often seen missing out on the necessary steps. In the need to save the industry tossing a game with the pandemic isn’t ideal. The leniency in terms of people participating in travel and following the strict measures sometimes can be seen sliding under the rug. While there are people and companies in the industry that introducing ways to do this right, here’s an honest take for both people in industry and travellers to reflect on. 

Know Your Crowd Count Limit

For the sake of an opportunity, there shouldn’t be a fireplay with the limitations of people travelling at once. People travelling on their own with their friends, families or acquaintances should take upon them to understand two main aspects. One, number of people they plan the trip with and two, the frequency of the crowd at the destination chosen. This includes hotels and tourist spots. Now isn’t the right to follow Instagram trends of destinations. Exploring places less travelled with proper guidance and measures is the way to go. For the people in the industry, knowing the limit of crowd control in every aspect of the tour should be considered. Right now, innovation in the idea of group travel in ways that are comforting for the pocket of the travellers and exceptionally manageable by the professionals can make a whole lot of difference.

Plan it For the Bin

One of the major problems faced by the Indian Tourist Places, littering! India has faced a challenge of waste and pollution caused by travellers to numerous destinations for years now. It is one of the challenges that the global travel forum was trying to tackle for all the destinations over the globe. Although now, the littering has a new level of danger, with the increased improper disposal of masks and bio waste. As travellers, one must take responsibility for their waste. Knowing the correct disposal practices, responsible uses of public places and taking measures for not affecting anyone else should be an adapted habit. Travel professionals and companies making arrangement of the same and keeping an eye and control over the chances of violating the basic regulations can make a considerable difference.

Know the Limitations of the Destination

Know your destination always! Apart from the viral trends of destinations, take an extra mile of understanding the destination. Look into it if its a fragile destination with protected biodiversity. Practise respecting the nature of the destinations. A lot of places in India are truly exceptional biodiversities that need an extra amount of care and attention. Places of heritage sites need the awareness given by the professionals of the industry and researched by the travellers. Places like forts, beaches, islands, mountains, glaciers are possible places on the list and these are often the popular choices of travel. These places are the kind that more often than not need the travellers and travel professionals to be extra responsible. And at such times, even more vigilant.

Spread Awareness

‘Awareness’ is the true need of the hour. The travel industry and professionals as they set to get back into pace should find innovative ways to pick spreading awareness as their first responsibility. Not talking just about the basics of how to be protected from the pandemic (while that goes without saying), but also how to travel RIGHT. Sustainable and responsible tourism has an urgency of adaption like never before. While the industry focusses on getting its pace back the need of taking the responsibility of changing the toxic travel patterns now can serve us for a long time. Even as individual travellers, being self-aware and adapting to necessary travel habits will contribute largely to the future of travel.

Time is NOW to redefine

On the lines of the above point, NOW is the true point when we can take complete control over how travel will be for coming decades. This pandemic found its silver lining for the travel industry in many ways, from domestic travel trends to push to the innovative travel industry. The travellers and the industry can right now take it up to themselves to adapt to being responsible. Redefining travel and changing the norms to the betterment of the future of travel and the world as a whole. Introducing habits and ways to work on a sustainable and responsible way of travelling will change the travel game for the coming decades. So, truly, time is NOW. Bringing innovations, ideas and changes to REDEFINE how we do travel. 

With increasing news of violations of rules and regulations, there’s a rising debate of how travel can contribute to difficulties of the pandemic. This can be changed if each and every traveller and each and every travel professional from the industry take it upon themselves to travel right. And that may actually bring the revolutionary change that the travel world needed. Let’s not make this pandemic the reason to dig another downfall but an opportunity for the resurrection of a beloved industry that is here to stay for centuries to come, if done right.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

2 thoughts on “Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour

  1. Very valid points! We are also working hard to create a better world through responsible and sustainable ways of travel practices. Great to find similar minded people. Thank you for sharing this article.


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