Order in Disorder: Forest

“Wandering into a space, covered by canopies, with escaping sunrays on your feet. The chaotic beauty and the intricate symmetry. The origin of order within disorder. The greatest architecture of all the time; the forest”.

Forests are spaces which make you reflect on your existence as well as that of humanity. It serves as a dimension between the nature and the human civilization. Many cultures have sprung out of nature and forests. The Japenese tradition of worshiping forests spirirts by building shrines is commonly known. Thoygh these praticies have slowoly declined. Princess Mononoke, a Japanese animated film explores this problee in the most creative and sensntive way. The story comprisies of two factions the rise of Iron-Age and the deline of forestery. It strives to maintinan balance manifesting the most beautiful scenes. Princess monoke shows a neautral picture of coexistiotion through disorder and order.

The first forests were formed by the sea- bacteria and since then they are growing and creating life.  Desert landscapes changed to tropical forests and ice lands became mountainous regions. The transformation of massive extreme landscapes into something completely different is the magic of chaos. The gradual changes that take place minute-by-minute undergo transformation through order.

Fractal geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same world differentlyThe Fractal Geometry of Nature”. Book by Benoit Mandelbrot, 1982

Wild untouched forests give an impression of chaos. The plants, rocks and animals seem to grow out of nowhere. Wildly spread across the land they enhance quality of space within that irregularity. Going deeper into this matter the nature is induce with something called as Fractal geometry, which is a tool for analyzing irregularity. Through studies the fractal nature of forests was reveled and a certain pattern came into existences. Fractal patterns over a wide range of scales in nature, and we can see a similar branching pattern in the veins of a tree’s leaves. There are a few things to notice about these fractal structure. While a tree is a large, complex object, it is formed by repetition . This is a basic principle that we will see again and in all fractals that we encounter, whether in nature, or in a computer system or in everyday things we own. The basic making of everything starts from a micro model which expands by repetition in various permutations and combinations.

This theory is used determine order within disorder is one chapter of an entire undiscovered universe. With multiple models and possibilities of patterns, fractal geometry in the hand of humans remain limited.

“Just saying that a structure is fractal doesn’t bring you any closer to understanding how it forms. There is an unique fractal-forming process, nor a uniquely fractal kind of pattern. The fractal dimension can be a useful measure for classifying self-similar structures, but does not necessarily represent a magic key to deeper understanding” (Ball, 2001, p. 117)

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