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I thought about making my intentions pretty clear. This is a mini time capsule for when 30 days will be complete. I set this exercise with an intention of achieving a couple of things. They say before you start something define your why it will boost the will to continue and follow through. So I did exactly that. The reason I started a 30-day writing plan was to test consistency first and second I wanted to fight my fears. Both of these things sound so bold, hence let us explore them in-depth.

Consistency: A Social Media Myth?

Consistency has become a mantra that everyone on the internet keeps talking about. Something that will magically lift your numbers: be it sales, followers or reach. Either way, for me it was a dilemma. I have seen people spiral down the road of consistency on social media and create content that lacks quality or is created to not break the trail. So, which was it, quantity or quality? Meanwhile, I tried a mid-way consistency non-gimmick plan with Project Expressions’ Instagram. Posted consistently with pretty good content. It still lacked something, because it didn’t pick up the pace. We did come across these industry experts who suggested to buy us fake likes and followers to get certain thousand numbers. According to them, that was a magnet point to attract more people to the profile. And guess what an Instagram account with 198 followers did? Outright rejected with a No. It was one of the clearest unapologetic ‘NO’ that I have given recently.
Authenticity has somewhere gone to a toss in the world of virality and filters. So where does this consistency game lead us? To here. One of the most abrupt, honest and unscripted experiences shared about writing, consistently without any excuses for 30 days. All that without letting my quality to go to toss. So, we’ll come back to this blog, which will be the mini time capsule for 30th March 2021. On this day, I will cover on Instagram statuses, how consistency has affected all the platforms.

Fears & Anxiety of being a Writer

It took a YouTuber named Ali Abdaal to give me the push off the edge of facing anxieties related to being a writer. Fears of not being an expert, not good enough, failing the write-up and countless more. I am not a traditional writer drenched in the ocean of words of countless authors. I am so specific about letting my work be untouched, not bend to certain rules that this ever so disciplined child is the most rebellious when it comes to writing. This makes me inherently have doubts about my credibility most of the times. This anxious personality doesn’t play only with one freedom, writing. I work with people who give me the freedom of letting my work define my rules. Fortunately, the result to date has been that I have exceeded their expectations and imagination both. But the counterpart to this is, I am scared of searching for more people. I often hold back myself to even step out to find collaborators or people to work with.

This video helped in many ways and suggested to document my process. This is particularly a challenge because usually with freelancing, I dedicate one week for it, if the project is really a big one then two. Apart from the other three weeks are dedicated to building a company with Project Expressions and home. I am a multi-tasker but when comes to writing I need absolute no disturbance whatsoever. And even as I write this, there are countless times I got up, worked on something else, checked emergency updates of PE and what not. And I still have to pull through, write this damn article. Not any other reason but after 30 days, I want to walk straight outta these fears, anxieties and excuses to honouring my art the right way.

This year of the pandemic was spent in contemplation and self-growth. I worked on the arenas of the self that I didn’t even know needed working. This was a beautiful process to face oneself and build, work on it. So, while this 30-days writing plan may sound like just another internet challenge, the reasons attached are quite strong. And, this time capsule blog done on day three is going to stay as a reminder that there’s no going back. For me and for those who are waiting for this push, own up to this time capsule as your own. The thing that you are running from and the things that challenge you, take it upon you to change it. Maybe then, we will create this wave of self-growth that comprehends beyond this time capsule’s intention.

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I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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