A Clear Sign


I have always believed in universal patterns and connectedness. The theory that past, present and future exist together can find its answers here too. Also maybe that we’re in a simulation. Amm, but the point is, traces of everything can be right in our peripheral world. One that our subconscious mind notices but our conscious mind overlooks. I do often try to look for such hints. Also because I see life as a cinematic roll. I naively like to believe that somehow as kids my girl gang must have crossed each other’s path like an early Easter Egg of life! I find life to be that quirky, which may sound absurd, but trust me I speak of experience, life is pretty comical if paid attention. And dark humour seems to be it’s favourite kind too.

In my childhood I have experienced bullying, I barely had friends to count on or that I still cherish. They were really rare and those who were there even for a while, I am glad for their existence. I always loved the idea of friendship, people and connections that matter. So, when things started changing with finding people that stick through thick and thin, I stitched an unspoken family. Hence, when I think of my childhood, I specifically like to believe, there were cheeky Easter eggs of Hope hiding around the corner. It took a while to catch on that I value people a lot. It took me a phase of hating on humans to outgrow into someone who chose to define our species not only with the bad but good. Eventually, as I started owning up to who I was, I realised, I love people beyond anything, My priorities were set straight.

I have always been a career person too. One with big potential and bigger dreams. So one of them included an opportunity that most teens in my circle worked on. An opportunity to study abroad. I found the idea exciting, but I have a history of realising things once on the edge of the cliff. Pretty dramatic eh? Told Ya, Life’s a Movie. Anyway, to back that claim up here’s an example, it took me giving a medical NEET exam that I belonged to Writing and Creative World. I flipped my choices then, I chose science as my hobby and hobby as my passion. And, here I am. I still remember what was my wake up call. It was by someone who I allegedly believe is my Guru who transcends time to send life-shaking well-timed advice. Here’s the first one that claimed his entry into my life:

Well, getting back to the point where I could be anywhere but here I am. I never ever questioned my choices after I made them, especially not regretted them even if it didn’t work out as intended. But, last few months when my mother brought up the exact question of ‘why did you never took the opportunity of studying abroad?’ I realised I had too many reasons but majorly because my priority was established to make as many memories as there could be with the people I am blessed with. For a writer’s mind, it was a pretty clear choice, what is a story without its favourite characters. Also, the business and size of my dreams wise, this seemed pretty legit too. Before I share them I will tell you I did question my choice this time. Meanwhile, I started reading the book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning.’ And this is what I found:

If you see, it’s a clear sign as a day that this was a ripple effect of universal signs. Whatever mathematical equation this life is or a set code that runs this stimulation, it does communicate with us in ways that needs just a little more attention. This sign bought a lot of relief in my heart as if backed by strength. And that showed me much more clarity of how my dreams manifested much bigger with that decision. Rather than me stepping into a different culture, I became the host to bring different people of different cultures to experiencing mine. For a business that might have had a strong financial back up outside, but here it’s much more adventurous. As this developing country is still building its economy and while it does, I build things that are absolutely untouched niches. While I could have been a student of fancy-arse university (and hold debt of it) I was invited by one to travel with their students I hosted.

All in all, take this as a clear sign that there are no right or wrong choices (unless you’re trying to hurt someone) in life. If we have our priorities straight and clear to our heart, we make those choices manifest into something much bigger than expected. The universe is talking signs, we better catch up with the language! You and I, we are on the right path we just have to own it up. I should seriously name this series ‘own it up.’ Own your story, pick your genre, own your path, own your choice, because even if you don’t understand the math of life, it’s perfectly squared up for you.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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