First Accounts of Feminist thoughts of a shy Equalist

I haven’t really spoken a lot about my stand on feminism yet. For someone who’s been in the creative field with a voice of my own, (which I would put forth quite often) it can be surprising that I didn’t speak about feminism much. I mean it’s a hot topic to write about and hey I am a woman, wasn’t I supposed to claim that space?

For most heavy topics like politics, history, injustice and more, I take a lot of time to read both sides, all sides and decide if I am capable of putting a word to it. Well, just because I have a voice, I can’t simply make noise. In fact, because I have one I realise the ability to use it right. And that’s a lot of work. All in all, let’s say, today I am ready to start a talk on feminism.

I am going to address this article in question and answer format. Much easier to read and also to convey thoughts clearly.

1. Why now?
My habit of being inspired by the content I consume and taking a step further to study, change and implement things I learn from them, has taken me places. And in this particular aspect, The Bold Type is credited for the final push for me. In my hunt of redefining myself and addressing deep-rooted emotional issues, I came across this series as a guide. This final push comes after ages of learning and unlearning the idea of a woman, being a woman and perceiving a woman.

2. What is feminism for you?
Feminism for me is claiming the space of a woman which was taken away all these years. But, being a woman, we’re meant to be inclusive, referring to the womb that births all. So while we try to claim space, rights and definitions, we’re meant to birth the space for all. Feminism for me is an equalist idea. The moment we become obsessed with powering one by oppressing the other, we will fail. Quite a few raging people tend to lose sight of the idea.

3. Is this a fight against men?
No. It’s a fight against the thought system that favours men, fails women and queer genders. Doesn’t make men bad nor the enemy. A thought system is gender-less. By empowering the oppressed, you give power to all. That’s no language of hate, that’s the true language of love. And love is not for any particular gender, but for all!

4. Do you have personal experiences that led towards feminism?
I think it’s something no one can escape. And that’s why it needs to change. As we grow older we just keep realising the layers of work the world needs, the countless ideas that people need to rethink, acts they need to redo, laws they need to fix. From personal circles to workplaces to global levels, the reasons why we need feminism are everywhere. I was no exception from it, a patriarchal society isn’t really a rare experience for any gender.

5. How do you choose to contribute/fight?
Communication, expression and constant learning. I still feel I have a long way to go. This might be the first time spoken publicly about feminism but I have always spoken in personal spaces. I have seen a confused world. A society built on worshipping goddesses, failing women, so many times even unknowingly; is mind-boggling. The rage, protests, strong outspoken feminists are quite interesting to me. Though it might not be my expression. I choose to love, empathize, support women and all genders around me. For me, creating a safe space in the world started with being that safe space. Hopefully, I’ll grow my ways to reach out more. And maybe finally pinning down my thoughts about the subject will create that opportunity.

6. Last but not least, what message do you have as a feminist and for who?
I would say, it’s for all. While in a process of redefining the spirit of something, it has to come from a place of truth. And truth can’t be hazed by missing out on the self. Behind the rising voices and influential opinions, feminism is about you. Regardless of the gender. And if that voice is numb, not understood by the self or worse lost in the crowd, the essence is lost too.

While this wasn’t written to please somebody or get somebody mad, feminism has currently become one of the most sensitive topics. And, as this will run its course, this is the first of many tries as a feminist. One of the most important, as I believe, is to define who we are as feminists. Let’s get the conversation started.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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