What The Hell Is Conceptual Writing?

‘What do you want to be when you grow up, Priyanka?’ Every single year I had a different answer that the previous one. My dad would often introduce my wild passions as ‘she sees it and she’d want to be it. The other day she wanted to be a bus conductor!’ While I was a wild dreamy child, in my teens though I was known to be one of those rare kids who knew exactly what they wanted. In my early 20s I became a student studying every little thing with a purpose behind it. I realised my writing was as they call it ‘gifted’ but I didn’t want to write traditional blogs, I wanted to streamline it to specifically travel. Hence post-graduation in tourism after graduation in Mass Media seemed like a boss move. I had found my ‘niche’ before I knew the word for it or before it became the hype move. 

The kid in me still would love to explore more, evolve more and build more on what I already did. With my emotional evolution, I found myself drawn to stories of people, philosophy and emotions. Something with depth and far beyond the listicle trends. After decades of different answers of who I want to be, I hoped I would create my own job title someday. Maybe that’s how I built an entrepreneurial drive in me. Although there was more fuel to that one, but that’s for another blog. Creating my own job title maybe came as smoothly as it should for someone who plays around the words all the time. 

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Conceptual Writer isn’t just a wordplay, it was something that I brand myself with. So there was heaps of thought development behind it. What I did under that name was not only do more of my impactful writings but realised, understood and imbibed what matters to me. Thereby, it easily spoke levels of what I think, who I am as a person and how I see the world. And even though this might be an uncommon angle commercially it paved my way to work with people whose work was about people, emotions and raw stories. In this choking crowd of commercialized capitalist society which writes what sells, there are some of us focused on the art and purpose of its creation. And oh boy is it difficult? I believe myself to be privileged to even have a choice, and thereby consider myself even more responsible to make the right one.

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Being a Conceptual Writer so far has meant very limited projects that truly resonate with you or at least raising a level of difficulty to find the right people to collaborate with. It also meant a lot of self-work. For being able to write what moves, touches and makes you feel something, should be felt, lived and understood by me, deeply. The title created this undying responsibility towards my art and took away the will to create something just for the sake of it. Coming up with a beautiful title for myself was far easier than owning up to it every single day.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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