Dive Into The World Of Creative Wellness

The Wellness Industry has been picking up pace in the last decade. Traditionally yoga, healthy eating, personal care and beauty, nutrition and weight-loss, meditation, spa retreats, workplace wellness and wellness tourism, has become synonymous with the Wellness Industry. Although, while building Project Expressions, we always went with unconventional ways. When we decided to embrace wellness in Project Expressions, we did what we did with everything we curated before. While curating anything we looked first into who we are. You know how it’s said in business one must define their audience first. Well, we believed, it is exceptionally important to understand who we are, as individuals and as a team. That’s where the secret sauce lies in being the niche rather than choosing a niche.

We were creative individuals at the core. One with dreamy ideas and bigger purposes. We even tweaked a simple Guided Tour of Mumbai into a Storytelling Tour of Mumbai. Something that went beyond touristy narrations and was highly built on emotions. After all, what is Mumbai, if not an emotion? So when it comes to Wellness, it wasn’t a surprise that we were diving deep into what wellness is for us. We addressed and understood that not each of us found solace in writing onto a journal, or saw meditation as the other did. Ideas of wellness and what works for each are much different than the other, and the first step to it was knowing what works for each person. 

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And that’s how Creative Wellness was crafted, slowly and eventually. Like a sculpture. We explored the correlation and in-depth connection of Expressions & Wellness. According to PE, Expressions & Wellness became an embodiment of each other. How one chose to express became a channel of stepping into Wellness. And believe it or not, most people haven’t found their true expression. We curated workshops that explored the idea of Self and individuality while being a part of it. The themes of the workshop included art, travel, writing, photography and more. All of these specially curated workshops were implemented in a way where Team Project Expressions were just the guide to direct but the control was in the hands of the participant. 

As the industry of Wellness and Workshop is bound to grow even further, Project Expressions hopes to continue finding a way to keep creating ideas that resonate not just commercially but individually too. We have always believed in defining our own industry, and this is exactly how we choose to define Creative Wellness: it is what Project Expressions itself.

Published by Priyanka Tawde

I write about Travel, Philosophy, Human Stories & of course Expressions. I chase butterflies, waves of the ocean and my wild dreams. You may find me digging complexities of life or enjoying absolute bliss of music of languages I do not understand. I love all cultures and I believe in Humans & Humanity.

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