In Conversation With A Yoga Instructor: Philosophy, Mindfulness and Wellness

Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

The world of Yoga has embraced people from different nations, beliefs and ages. It has impacted, changed and influenced the fitness industry heavily. The entire yogic philosophy has transformed countless perspectives. Entire new branches of industry were born out of it and it took no time to establish itself as a synonym to the wellness industry.

While the world is shifting towards Yoga & Wellness, we had a small Q&A with a Yoga Instructor. She is making a difference by her love for the philosophy of yoga. With a motive to make people fall in love with the process, this short interview is especially a sign for beginners to take a mindful leap into the world of Yoga. Here’s what the Yoga Instructor Ms Chaitali Tulaskar has to say about finding your way to yoga.

  1. How did you find your way to Yoga?

My Journey with yoga started back in 2019 when I had just recently lost my dream job and needed to keep my mind occupied and keep my body from gaining those extra kilos due to stress eating. Little did I know that this journey will be a life-changing one.

Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar
  1. What is Yoga for you now and what it was when you started it?
Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

Like most people, my main reason to start yoga was to maintain my mental health along with improving my body flexibility and without a doubt, yoga asana practice did successfully help me achieve my goal. But over the period of time my understanding of yoga has evolved, Yoga for me today is more “Off The Mat” than on the mat. You would be wondering ‘What on earth is yoga off the mat?’

  1. How does Yoga influence your everyday life?
Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

Here is where ‘Yoga off the mat’ comes in. The few important values the philosophy of yoga teaches us before stepping on the yoga mat are the Yamas & Niyamas i.e. the Do’s & Don’ts. These are a few basic values taught to us as kids in school.  To avoid violence, not just physically but to avoid self hurt mentally as well. To be true to yourself, your practice and everyone around you. To maintain purity & cleanliness of mind & body. To be content with what we have at the present. Because as we all are well aware, ‘Expectation’ is the mother of all problems. I know it is easier said than done, But a constant reminder to self is all it takes.

  1. What would you tell an individual who’s interested in Yoga but can’t find the motivation?
Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

Find yourself a favourite corner in the house, place a pillow and sit comfortably in any crossed leg posture (or on a chair) of your choice, keep your back comfortably erect and sit as still as possible with minimal movement and allow your eyes to shut naturally. 

The endless train of thoughts will continue (damn those habits) don’t fight them. Consciously bring your attention to the tip of your nose and observe your flow of breath or count backwards. (every time you miss a number start over)

Try to include this in your routine. Start with 02 mins and increase the time gradually. 

This simple practice will allow our restless monkey mind to settle down and allow us to think clearer in return reminding us of what is important. Preparing us & motivating us to start with whichever task we desire. 

5. Your personal motivation to show up every day

Being a lazy yogi (guilty) the best motivation to get me on the mat for a personal practice is a reminder of the calmness post the class, that feeling of a rejuvenated mind and a sweaty stronger body keeps me going. 

Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

6. How can one fall in love with yoga rather than just seeing it as a task?

Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

Yoga is all about experience and experiences vary. Yoga might not be love at first sight for you which is absolutely alright. Choose which physical activity or type of yoga works for you and makes your mind and your body happy because at the end of it Self Love is all that matters. 

7. One thing you’d like to achieve with Yoga.

Yog With Chaitali Tulaskar

A quote that I worship is ‘Yoga is Mindfulness.’ Being mindful of our NOW, to be able to enjoy the essence of the present moment with our awareness one-pointedly on the most overlooked (yet crucial) action of breathing without the thought of ‘what should I have for lunch?’ 

“To sum it all up Yoga is more than just fancy postures on the mat, it is a journey of self-development which offers different techniques of self-discipline to tame our monkey mind to be in the present, to take a minute and observe the clouds changing colours due to the setting sun. Let nature remind us that Now is all we have, let us be more mindful,” explains Chaitali.  

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