About Us

Who We Are

We are 3 Monkeys, swinging from one branch to another, collecting Happy Fruits and meaningfulness from the wise trees. We share them too! In this world where life is planed and self is lost, we are looking for connections. There’s nothing more than sharing that builds connection. And, it all leads to growing together. Being Monkeys is the idea of being primitive, idea of the roots, being someone before the definitions were framed. It makes us, who we were and takes us to who we are. How about a rewind for you?

P.S. It comes with the goodness of now clubbed with simplicity of the pre and hopes for the post!

What We Do

We curate fun Workshops intricately designed to let people explore the best versions of themselves with innovative ways. We explore newer themes like travel, photography, art, comedy, philosophy and so many more! We meet people from different walks of life, cultures, perceptions and create a new story with every new Workshop. It’s abstract, something with deeper meanings and nothing for hollow minds. For those curious ones with an itch for more, find that limelight that you deserve and a space that you always looked for. Let’s find rawness in age of filters, and discover versions of ourselves, together.

Fun Fact!
It started as a hobby, evolved as a project and grew as a purpose.

What Is In It For You

To bring control, to give control! Control, not power. Not dreams of Changing the world, nor changing us, or you. It’s about finding self, knowing self and growing into one. Clock ticks, our lives moves, the rythm matched so much that we no more can find the difference.
The world is full of trembling connections, find your comfort place to escape, with us, and feel free doing what you truly enjoy. Be seen and heard for who you are, with all those scars and in all your glory. Feel at home, outside your routine.

It will always be limited, exclusive and evolutionary. Biggest investment you’ll ever do here is, deciding to challenge yourself to learn & grow with no judgements.

I had joined project expression a year ago. The first thing I attended was a painting trip to the national park when I sat in the park and painted on the canvas for the first time. I enjoyed it so much that I bought some canvases to paint afterwards.

I always wanted to go for the food-trip. So when the team sent me a notification I joined them once again for the Mumbai food trip. It was a fun and stomachful (if there is such word) (i made this word up) of experience.

The Alibaug retreat was the best of all of them. We took photos, did a chit chat, played games, made new friends, in all enjoyed all the times I have been with them.

About the people and concept: Very nice and friendly people who bring up new concepts and execute them properly.šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½