It’s My Word Against Yours

I love you, I hate you, I love myself, I hate myself. I hate the world, I hate men. I met so many beautiful people along the way that in spite of a few bad people I still find this world to be an amazing place. Words are beautiful and unimaginably powerful weapons. They haveContinue reading “It’s My Word Against Yours”


Things men don’t have to do/worry about/expected of: They are not expected to be tall. At least 5’9”. They don’t have to be super successful, have a 6 figure salary. Men don’t have to have their own house or be able to rent one. Men don’t have to own a car or at least aContinue reading “MEN HAVE IT EASY”

Emotional Abuse In Children

Children will almost always expect their parents to show them love and care and as much as the world assumes that all parents love their kids it is simply not the case.  What may appear on the surface is just that, a surface. What is underneath it all is not always visible to the world. Continue reading “Emotional Abuse In Children”

The Give and Take

A lot of our personality traits come from our surroundings during our developmental stages. Everything from being kind to giving people a hard time comes from either what was taught to us directly or what we witnessed growing up.  Major part of it comes from our parents which gets bestowed upon us when we’re kidsContinue reading “The Give and Take”