The Local Travel Writer

When a writer travels, places, stories and imaginations come to life. But, this writer was born in a city which was breathing life. It came into existence from nothing to becoming the city of dreams. I have explored locations far different from Mumbai, to the ones which influenced it too. From Europe’s Parisian Streets toContinue reading “The Local Travel Writer”

A Clear Sign

I have always believed in universal patterns and connectedness. The theory that past, present and future exist together can find its answers here too. Also maybe that we’re in a simulation. Amm, but the point is, traces of everything can be right in our peripheral world. One that our subconscious mind notices but our consciousContinue reading “A Clear Sign”

When Mind Is Without Fears

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has notContinue reading “When Mind Is Without Fears”

Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour

Tourism is opening doors slowly after being one of the worst-hit industry because of the pandemic. Yet the trend observed since the New Years in terms of travellers is both comforting and highly concerning. Comfort in the aspect of the travellers having a will to travel again shows hopes for a steady recovery for theContinue reading “Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour”

What’s The World Like For A Writer

Well before we dive into the world of a writer, I have a little disclaimer. Unlike traditional writers who are devoted to the art and follower of the words, I fall in a completely different category. My content and inspiration mostly comes from real experiences, stories, days of contemplation and studying people. Rarely will youContinue reading “What’s The World Like For A Writer”

An Ultimate FAQ of Project Expressions

A few days back I hosted a Q&A session on our Instagram page and we got a beautiful response from people. It was my first live session and the struggle was real for a camera shy person like me, the end moment goof ups were of no help. Regardless, the live session went really wellContinue reading “An Ultimate FAQ of Project Expressions”

Slow Life And Business

Business is often looked at as a daring adventure to be dived in with a lot more to give than to take. It is often visualised as the adrenaline booster, driving the hustle culture with sacrifices of most things in life. Including health, sleep, friends and family. It glorifies not having a life, in fact,Continue reading “Slow Life And Business”