Order in Disorder: Forest

“Wandering into a space, covered by canopies, with escaping sunrays on your feet. The chaotic beauty and the intricate symmetry. The origin of order within disorder. The greatest architecture of all the time; the forest”. Forests are spaces which make you reflect on your existence as well as that of humanity. It serves as aContinue reading “Order in Disorder: Forest”

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

ज़िन्दगी के सफ़र मे बीतें थे कुछ हसीं लम्हे आजकल उन्हीं के सहारे दिन कटते है मेरे अलमारी मे रखी उन् तस्वीरों को देख आज फिर होठों पे है वही मुस्कराहट मेरे A few days back while cleaning my cupboard, I stumbled upon a photo album. It was from my first vacation to a differentContinue reading “A Trip Down the Memory Lane”

Emotional Abuse In Children

Children will almost always expect their parents to show them love and care and as much as the world assumes that all parents love their kids it is simply not the case.  What may appear on the surface is just that, a surface. What is underneath it all is not always visible to the world. Continue reading “Emotional Abuse In Children”

What’s The World Like For A Writer

Well before we dive into the world of a writer, I have a little disclaimer. Unlike traditional writers who are devoted to the art and follower of the words, I fall in a completely different category. My content and inspiration mostly comes from real experiences, stories, days of contemplation and studying people. Rarely will youContinue reading “What’s The World Like For A Writer”

Rethinking the modern urbanscapes of India

-Keerthana Dhanesh, Vaishnavi Kathe                            In the Palaeolithic age we were hunters, gatherers and wanderers in search of food. By the end of the Neolithic period, we learnt agriculture and domestication of animals. Earlier we were nomads but later, by selective breeding and agricultural technology, large settlements began to emerge. Man learned to live in groupsContinue reading “Rethinking the modern urbanscapes of India”

An Ultimate FAQ of Project Expressions

A few days back I hosted a Q&A session on our Instagram page and we got a beautiful response from people. It was my first live session and the struggle was real for a camera shy person like me, the end moment goof ups were of no help. Regardless, the live session went really wellContinue reading “An Ultimate FAQ of Project Expressions”

The Give and Take

A lot of our personality traits come from our surroundings during our developmental stages. Everything from being kind to giving people a hard time comes from either what was taught to us directly or what we witnessed growing up.  Major part of it comes from our parents which gets bestowed upon us when we’re kidsContinue reading “The Give and Take”

Time for Workcations & Staycations

We always strived to maintain a balance between our work life and our personal life. However, with the onset of Covid Pandemic in the year 2020 where some people lost their job some were stuck at home and continuing with their work from home. Initially working from home seemed to have its own perks. ItContinue reading “Time for Workcations & Staycations”

Spaces of the Mind

Architecture is for the people and by the people, it’s blueprints of a person’s imagination and thinking. Father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung describes architectural drawings as diagrams of human psyche. More than anywhere we spend most of our lives indoors and residing in a city naturally subjects us to the urban life and sculptContinue reading “Spaces of the Mind”