Experiences of a Foodie in Lockdown

The year 2020 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for all of us. We saw many different industries taking a bad hit due to the covid pandemic, and also witnessed how they fought and overcame this pandemic situation and adjusted to the new normal and began business again in these times withContinue reading “Experiences of a Foodie in Lockdown”

Architecture in Movies

“To face art or any other form of art, you have to answer another question, which is, “Why  does man exist?” and I think the process and attempts to find answers to it, create art”  Human lives crave to listen to stories, witness drama, create grandeur as well as destroy it.  Over centuries these experiencesContinue reading “Architecture in Movies”

Slow Life And Business

Business is often looked at as a daring adventure to be dived in with a lot more to give than to take. It is often visualised as the adrenaline booster, driving the hustle culture with sacrifices of most things in life. Including health, sleep, friends and family. It glorifies not having a life, in fact,Continue reading “Slow Life And Business”

When We Tell Stories

When we tell the story of our city Mumbai, we stitch so many emotions, timelines and impacting philosophies together.Ask us what it feels like to talk about times that seem to be forgotten and appreciate the present surrealism as much.People joining us in our #airbnbexperience realise the concept of Mumbai Beyond Stereotypes, to the core, by witnessingContinue reading “When We Tell Stories”