The Local Travel Writer

When a writer travels, places, stories and imaginations come to life. But, this writer was born in a city which was breathing life. It came into existence from nothing to becoming the city of dreams. I have explored locations far different from Mumbai, to the ones which influenced it too. From Europe’s Parisian Streets toContinue reading “The Local Travel Writer”

Kolkata Diaries

कुछ पल बिताये जो यारों के संग भुल ना पाए ऊँहे  हम कभी जब जिंदगी मैं हो जाऊं मायूस यूं कभी एक हलकी सी मुस्कान दे जाए वो मुझे आज भी रोजाना की जिंदगी में चाहे कही भी खो जाए हम  वो यारों के संग बिताये हुए यही पल होते है जो फ़िर मुझे अंजानContinue reading “Kolkata Diaries”

Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour

Tourism is opening doors slowly after being one of the worst-hit industry because of the pandemic. Yet the trend observed since the New Years in terms of travellers is both comforting and highly concerning. Comfort in the aspect of the travellers having a will to travel again shows hopes for a steady recovery for theContinue reading “Responsible Tourism Is The Need Of An Hour”