3 Monkeys

3 different worlds, 3 different perceptions and 3 different passions come together to curate something absolutely unique! Listen to a Conceptual Writer that narrates you stories and philosophies, experience the visual treat with the architect & designer and feel the happy energy of a Life Coach bringing the dreamer and conceptual ideas to reality!

Priyanka Tawde

Conceptual Writer

Ideator & philosophical narrative host. Overly enthusiast ambivert trying to build a happy life! She’s got her fair experience as a Travel Writer! Read more about her here…

Email me: priyankatawde95@gmail.com

Bhushan Bagwe

Life Coach

Practical Executioner bringing ideas to reality! From finances to as usual directing people, he leads the Department of Life! Life of our party, Game Master & Comic Storyteller, he’s always on a roll! Read more about him here…

Email me: lcbhushanbagwe@gmail.com

Vaishnavi Kathe


Visualizer & Designer adding colours with a twist. She creates all the brand recall that there is & defines our creativity. The Architect in her unleashes talking about the creative history of all times! Read more about our walking google here…

Email me: v116kathe@gmail.com

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