Bhushan Bagwe

“There’s freedom in being you that you’ll never find in anyone else. Open your mind.”



A child sculpted from chaos with the weirdness of a panda. I grew up being able to do whatever I set my mind to do.
Walked through the fields of Hospitality Management, Tour guide and IT.
Always had a mindset of “let’s do this” whether it be walking into an abandoned spooky building or eating something I’ve never thought I would. I’ve fallen 7 times and got up 8. I’m unstoppable and here to live beyond the confines of the wall. Studying Life Coaching and Applied Psychology was the best decision I made to help me be a better version of myself.


I studied Life Coaching and got a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology both from the Achology – The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. These helped me refine my skills to help my clients a lot but my core knowledge comes from the plethora of experiences that I had from childhood itself. 

I didn’t realise till later that all my experiences were designed to be able to understand first hand what the problems felt like and how to really handle them in real life. I won’t deny that at the time of facing difficult situations it always feels too heavy and perhaps even lost at times but there is a lesson hidden somewhere in between these experiences.

So you see, this gave me an advantage of not just pushing textbook knowledge onto clients but to teach actual tried and tested problem solving techniques and be able to truly understand what it means to be in certain situations. 

I am that guy who you turn to when you feel no one else around you is listening.

The Combination of my knowledge and acquired skills makes me a competent Life Coach and a Counselor. I work alongside my clients to help arm them with the skills that they need to make everyday living that much easier.






  • Venting and Healing
  • I will be the person who you turn to when you feel no one else around you is listening.
  • 1 Session
  • Up to 30 Minutes
  • Advice, Healing and Motivation
  • I will listen and we will talk about how best we can solve your issue.
  • 1 Session
  • Up to 60 Minutes
  • Become the Best version of yourself
  • In 5 sessions of 1 hr each we will work together to help you reach your goal.