Priyanka Tawde

“People are the true Expressions of the universe, I just hope to narrate, witness and experience some while I create my own.”

Conceptual Writer

I grew up believing I would want to invent my own job title. So I did. Conceptual Writer is the title I choose because over the years I have learnt that working my craft for the ideas that matter to me is more important than the commercialized expression.

In everyday life, you’ll find me observing and absorbing the world with the cinematic writer’s mind that although seems to speak the language of the cosmos, often finds its solace in People. And, that’s where my human philosophy grows to imbibe in connecting to countless people into the stories written in time.

I gained my fair name as a Travel Writer, while I made the world my canvas, and now I find myself drawn to create works of Expressions that will leave a mark on stories of people and hopefully, even time.


Human Philosophy

Travel Writing

Perception Storytelling

Poetry & Existentialism