Vaishnavi Kathe

“In this mad world, the ability to design human emotions and dreams gives my world certainty.”


I am an observer seeking uncertainty in this certain world. I have been through the process of evolving into an Architect and came out with a lot more than just a degree. The very act of learning Architecture made me rethink my purpose. Since then I have been studying and experiencing various subjects and lines of work.

Each of them intrigues me in some way or the other. Designing is one such field, where I have the freedom to create my imaginations. And the other one is Humans, no not in a creepy way. But human psychology and how it affects us and what triggers our deepest emotions. 

In this discovery, I found myself a part of amazing projects, one being Project Expressions. Being able to design and portray human emotions and dreams through design is something I get an opportunity to do for people here and the happiness on their face after seeing it portrayed is all worth it. And in this mad world by doing something that brings sparkle in my eyes and also that of people makes my day extraordinary.