Monkey Business

Our Monkey Business is to curate innovative workshops, breaks, timely escapes and experiences to give you ways, space and ideas to create your meaningful Expressions. What makes Project Expressions unique are the 3 different personalities with different touch of their expertise bringing it all together in one plate!

After all, a meal is only complete with 3 courses! Only one bit of it is still missing out on the whole experience!

Our curations are often themed with art, culture, heritage, nature, philosophy, photography, travel, storytelling, life, design and we are not stopping to grow the list any time soon! Because, what is Expressions if not Everything?!


Project Expressions features hands-on, interactive workshops with limited entries. Our team is known for its themes and execution of the workshops! Writing, Cultural, Photography and Travel have been few of the most sold out and loved workshops of Project Expressions.

Creative Breaks

We Are ALL About Dreamy Ideas! Talk about treasure hunt in rural settings, painting on the beach, chasing the waves during the sunset, experiencing local cuisine, coziest homestays, veranda swing and game nights! We have so much for Weekend Getaways, that we promise you wouldn’t want to come back home!

Connective Networking

Project Expressions is trying to build a beautiful community and what’s a community without networking! We arrange Fun Meet-ups and activities where we get to build connections and new acquaintances! We have our favourite group too, where it is all about the beautiful interactive exchange of Expressions while we encourage one another to be absolutely comfortable and mindful


Project Expression let’s you explore a glimpse of the main town of this city with maximum landmarks that are the must sees. We understand what’s so significant with few timeless masterpieces. And while we do it, we experience the flavors of different cuisines of India. We break the stereotype of India & spices. Right from Irani Chai to some lip smacking desserts, we lead you to taste different courses in some of the oldest restaurants and cafés of our city. After all, our idea is for you to taste the time of Mumbai. 

I had fantastic experiences in both -photo walk and food walk with project expressions team. Priyanka, Bhushan and Vaishnavi gave us substantial information about the history and architecture of Mumbai. Also the venues selected in food walk for enjoying the diverse culinary delights were fab. Project expressions ensured a personalized experience with a small group of like minded food lovers and photographers in food walk and photo walk respectively.

Manaswini Vishwasrao

Project expressions came into my life last year when I opted for their Alibaug Retreat experience. Oh, what a wonderful and reviving experience it was! The treasure hunt, the food, the accommodation and most importantly the sit on the rock at the beach and paint! I never thought painting can be such a stress reliever. Everything was carefully planned. Priyanka, Vaishnavi and Bhushan were always there making sure everything was wonderful. My second experience was when PE arranged for a writing session about a destination which impacted you the most. As I noted down the details… All the memories came to life again… Bliss!! Recently Priyanka started writing on various topics asked everyone for suggestions. I texted her what I wanted her to write about. My ideas were so vague I wondered if Priyanka understood what I wanted to read.but to my surprise she perfectly synced my thoughts into her article. It’s been great associating myself with project expressions. Waiting to do attend many more experiences with these guys.

Anuraddha Patil