Mindfulness Retreat


Experience Wellness & Mindfulness Travel

The Idea

Mindfulness Retreat – Experience Slow Travel

Unwind your senses with Project Expressions and experience time with Slow Travel. Get introduced to how to experience travel mindfully while cherishing nature. Project Expressions comes with a team of Writer, a Life Coach and an Architect that curate this experience to introduce you to a new way of Travel. Mindfulness Retreat is unlike any other, filled with intricate details to make the experience memorable. Filled with activities focused on wellness tourism and offbeat locations, Project Expressions hopes to start a new travel culture.

Mindfulness Activities:
• Mindful Meditation
• Thought Journaling
• Expressive Scenic Painting
• Immersive Nature Trail
• Discussion Hour – Talk to a Life Coach

Extra Activities:
• Treasure Hunt
• Storytelling Experience with a Writer
• Know the property with an Architect
• Interactive Game Nights

Interested in joining?

Experiences Collaborations

We are Experiences Expert with a zeal to add that extra mile to your property that takes it from a place to stay to a place to ‘experience’

Add experiences to your Property

We curate experiences specifically for your property that will celebrate its charms to a new level! There’s so much that’s possible, from your story, the story of the land to simply experiencing travel a new way. We open a door to a new world, right in your property!

Redefine your property

Be affiliated with future concepts of travel, a world that show the promise of tomorrow. Join us in our mission to redefine travel experiences while you add a new definition to your property.

Attract Niche Audience

Our expertise in areas of Slow Travel, Experience travel, Art and Travel Retreats, along with your property will be welcoming a whole new set of a niche audience. The kind of audience who will appreciate every detail and invest in ideas of travel.

Interested in Collaboration?

‘Mindful, Slow Travel is the future…

As we step into the world of Responsible & Sustainable Tourism, innovative concepts of Mindful and Slow Travel will be one of the pioneers of the Travel World. Join us to be a part as we pave our way towards it. Experience it with us or join the mission, for, we, you and us, are the future of Travel.’


I had joined project expression a year ago. The first thing I attended was a painting trip to the national park when I sat in the park and painted on the canvas for the first time. I enjoyed it so much that I bought some canvases to paint afterwards.

I always wanted to go for the food-trip. So when the team sent me a notification I joined them once again for the Mumbai food trip. It was a fun and stomachful (if there is such word) (i made this word up) of experience.

The Alibaug retreat was the best of all of them. We took photos, did a chit chat, played games, made new friends, in all enjoyed all the times I have been with them.

About the people and concept: Very nice and friendly people who bring up new concepts and execute them properly.

— Chaitali Pendse

Project expressions came into my life last year when I opted for their Alibaug Retreat experience. Oh, what a wonderful and reviving experience it was! The treasure hunt, the food, the accommodation and most importantly the sit on the rock at the beach and paint! I never thought painting can be such a stress reliever. Everything was carefully planned. Priyanka, Vaishnavi and Bhushan were always there making sure everything was wonderful. My second experience was when PE arranged for a writing session about a destination which impacted you the most. As I noted down the details… All the memories came to life again… Bliss!! Recently Priyanka started writing on various topics asked everyone for suggestions. I texted her what I wanted her to write about. My ideas were so vague I wondered if Priyanka understood what I wanted to read.but to my surprise she perfectly synced my thoughts into her article. It’s been great associating myself with project expressions. Waiting to do attend many more experiences with these guys.

— Anuraddha Patil